Hello, my name is Piotr Pabiasz.
Welcome to my space.
If you look for web developer, you've come to the right place.
Please take your time...
... and join me in this great adventure!

Our Services

We provide hi-quality, robust, modern solutions for your needs and your ideas.

Java Solutions

Do you need web or desktop application? Portable, flexible, extensible, customizable, adaptable solution? Large scale enterprise class application? Small and fast, functional tool? This is right path for you...

Sharepoint Solutions

Do you need ready to use, fully working, pre-configured environment for your network? Do you need possibility of creating users sites? Workgroups? Communities? Social features available out of the box? This is the right choice for you...

PHP Solutions

Do you need custom web page for your company? Forum? Blog? Or personal page? Easy to maintain and host? Flexible and fast, small or big? This should be your choice...

Projects Technical and Functional Analysis, Solution Troubleshoting

You have an idea for great web site or awesome application? You don't know where to start and how to get things done? You are stuck with project? Deadline is near? Don't know how to overcome difficulties? Contact us. We will do it for you!

Technology Advice and Guidance

There is a lot of technologies available in the market. If you are not sure which is the best choice for your project, we will do analysis and provide you best possible technology stack for your solution.

Who am I

I am a man...
I am a father, a husband and a son...
I am student...
I am professor...
I am musician, traveler and adventurer...
I am creator of virtual worlds, master of bytes and knowledge researcher...
I am professional web developer and project manager...
I am all of those...even more...
...I could become your Business Partner if you'd like to know me better...

Recent Works

Justyna Pabiasz photography


Children sessions, newborn sessions, family and artistic photography
"Website designed and created for professional photographer."
Piotr Pabiasz web developer freelancer


web developer promotion personal page.
"My personal page. Offer, promotion, skills set, cv and portfolio page."
Piotr Pabiasz web developer freelancer blog


Web developers technical and not only blog.
My personal blog site where I show some cool stuff to use!
Photographer site template

Photographer Site Template

Sessions, photography
"Template website designed and created for professional photographer. For sale. N/A yet. available soon."

The Team

Passionate web developers, talented designers, and helpful support staff.
We have the power to change your world from good to better.

Piotr Pabiasz web developer


project lead / coder
"Best code quality, fast product delivery and highest development standards. That's what we do!"
Justyna Pabiasz


designer / support
"We focus on the products quality, which can be clearly seen in our design, functionality and usability."

Team members

designers / testers / coders...
"When needed, we involve to core team other experts which supports projects development process."


We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us.


98-100, Łask, Poland

Mobile: +048 509 550 508

Email: contact@piotrpabiasz.pl